Up and coming Tenerife

When thinking about your next travel destination, why not find a spot on the globe that offers perfect climate with everything you could possibly think of right outside your hotel room door This place does exist! Tenerife, Spain is the largest of the Canary Islands and offers temperatures between 59 and 75 degrees year round. On top of these glorious temperatures, there is very little rainfall each year.

Another perk that Tenerife offers is the experience to swim and lay out on a beautiful beach while only being a few miles from Mount Teide, where snow falls year round. Mount Teide is in the center of the island and stands 12,200 feet, the highest point in all of Spain! It is also a volcano! There is a cable car that carries tourists to the summit and offers phenomenal views.

The capital city, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, is a great port, upbeat town that is built for tourism. It was also where the first shots in the Spanish Civil War were fired. So, for your history buffs, there is much history in this port town!

The northwest tip of the island, around the village of Masca, is where you will find the most amazing scenery that make Tenerife holidays so unforgetable. The village is very unique in that it is settled up in the Teno Mountains and “hangs” off the side of a cliff. Only recently, Masca, has become accessible by road. There is a two hour hike that goes from the village of Masca (which was believed to be a pirate’s hideaway at one time) down to the ocean, at the base of the cliffs of Los Gigantes.

If you travel to the eastern side of the island, you will find six step pyramids. These pyramids still baffle archeologists, who have yet to figure out the origin of these mysterious structures. One archeologist believes that they are structured like the ones found in Mexico, Peru and Mesopotamia. You can visit the site, which now boats a museum, a life size replica of Heyerdahl’s ship, a souvenir shop and a cafeteria.

Because Tenerife is a volcanic island, there are very few natural beaches. Since cheap holidays to Tenerife have become so readily available that the few natural beaches became so crowded that resorts were built and man-made beaches were constructed. Los Gigantes and San Juan are the best beaches on the island for sunbathing and soft sand.

Whether you prefer sun bathing, swimming, hiking or soaking in luscious scenery, Tenerife, with its perfect year-round temperatures is a perfect paradise.

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