Travel Advice For Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a popular destination for international travelers to soak up the California sun, enjoy the city’s multi-cultural diversity, unique dining options, and bargain shopping deals. However, the first-time visitor to Los Angeles may need a few tips to help them better adjust to the city’s transportation system and local laws, in order to make the most of their vacation in southern California.


LAX International Airport is one of the most famous in the world, with hundreds of thousands of people passing through on Los Angeles flights every single day. Los Angeles freeways are renowned for being both an effective way of connecting the cities and surrounding areas, as well as a nightmare during rush hour. Traffic jams during 3PM to 6PM are becoming increasingly common, and with fewer alternatives available, commuters are often faced with lengthy delays. The best alternative to heavy freeway congestion is to take the Los Angeles trains and subways. These services provide easy access to Hollywood Boulevard, front gate drop-off at Universal Studios on the Metro Red Line, rapid service to and from Los Angeles International Airport on the Green Line, as well as downtown L.A. routes on the Metro Blue and Purple Line. A day pass that works on trains, subways and all Los Angeles buses is available for a nominal fee at the station vending machines, or you can enjoy greater savings from a weekly or monthly pass.


California law prohibits the use of tobacco inside office buildings, restaurants, airports and most public beaches. However, many restaurants are adjusting to this legislation, and now offer legally approved smoking sections with adequate ventilation. Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas that provide an ashtray, and it is still generally permitted to smoke on both the sidewalks and other open public areas.

Los Angeles is stretched over 60 square miles, with plenty to see and do across the city. However, for many tourists it is advised to stick to the main tourist areas and avoid suburbs and less-populated or notorious areas of the city. Los Angeles is noted for crime and gang activity in some districts, as such caution is strongly advised when venturing out at night.

Sun Stroke
Travelers flock to Los Angeles for its warm and sunny climate, attracting tourists and locals in droves to sunbathe on the city’s infamous beaches. It is adviseable to remember that the sun can also be damaging – so be sun smart! Be sure to bring plenty of sun block and a visor cap to screen out the sun’s intense rays, protect your skin, and help prolong your outdoor adventures in L.A.

Los Angeles can be an attractive and intimidating holiday destination. The city’s diversity and expansive geography has continued to prove popular with tourists on last minute holidays and extended vacations, and will continue to do so in the future.

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