Top 5 Tips for Cruising

There are some things that experienced cruisers will have learnt over their years sailing the seas, but if you are new to cruising then you may be unsure about various aspects of these types of holidays. There is an abundance of advice on the internet for Cruise Holidays but we have tried to condense it down to a Top 5 list of tips for cruising.

5. Cruises don’t tend to be the things that you plan at the last minute, so you will probably need to be thinking about your cruise holiday well in advance. Like most types of travel, booking early will get you the best rates. This might make your budget stretch further allowing you to have a cabin that would usually be out of your price range. Upgrading your cabin can make your holiday, especially for cruises of around 100 days and over.

4. You will no doubt be seeing a lot of the staff on your cruise ship on a daily basis, so looking after them with tips and being polite will mean that they in turn will look after you.

3. There are no hard and set rules, but generally the longer the duration of the cruise, the older the age of the passengers. If you are a young couple or a young family, you might be better suited to one of the shorter voyages. But to be fair, how many families can find the time to go cruising for 150 days of the year?

2. Don’t worry about being bored; there will be plenty of daily excursions at the locations you will be stopping at and also onboard activities. If you plan on being adventurous and going off to explore a destination, make sure you do some research and only visit safe areas and make sure you are back at the ship at the required time. There is a slim chance you will be left behind but you will probably return to a frosty reception from both staff and passengers waiting to set sail.

1. World Cruises will take you to multiple destinations around the globe so make sure you take a good camera. No doubt you will take hundreds of photos along the way so it is worth making sure you have multiple memory cards, spare batteries and maybe even a laptop if you have one to backup your photos as you go. The last thing you would want is to lose you camera in the last couple of days and lose all of those precious memories.

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