Things to See in Tokyo

So you’ve decided to go to Japan for the holidays and you only have two weeks off. There are so many things to see in Japan that it would be very unrealistic to try to list them all in such a tiny article. But there are some things in Japan which every tourist there should see at least once. A lot of these things are located in Tokyo. Here then are a few tourist destinations which you should try and fit into your schedule somehow – you won’t regret seeing them!

Sightseeing around Tokyo

There are hundreds of places you can see in Tokyo. You should at least spend a couple of days exploring the downtown area and checking out the local restaurants, tourist attractions and other facilities.

For the excitable tourist, there’s always Toshimaen/Hyro Polis. This is in the center of Tokyo and is a world famous amusement park and water park.

The Japanese love any sort of display of science and nature and Shinagawa Aquarium is a testament to this curiosity. With over 100 species of fish and a 22 meter tunnel under the aquarium, you can see the sea life from below. The renowned Ueno Zoo is over a hundred years old and even has two giant pandas, some king penguins and a host of other animals.

Consider taking part of a day trip up to climb the Tokyo Tower, which was modeled after the Eiffel Tower. The tower is a 333 meter high landmark and is the world’s tallest self-supporting iron tower. It’s a great place to check out the city from and try and find where you’ve walked.

When you’re tired from legging it all day on the busy streets of Tokyo, consider relaxing in one of the city’s favorite tea bars, where you can get hundreds of different kinds of tea.

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