Taking a Holiday in South France

With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, it’s time to start thinking about where to go. The recession has hit my wallet more than I would have liked, however when it comes to summer holidays I really don’t want to compromise. Last summer, I spent a week and a half at a villa in the south of France, fairly near the coast, just inland from Nice.

There are plenty of villas France should be very proud of. Upon my arrival with the family, we were greeted by a spotless villa that I’m sure even a member of the Royal Family would have been impressed with. All the rooms were a good size and had quality fittings and some period features, which always go down well.

However, when on your summer holidays, you don’t want to be spending too much of your time indoors, especially in the South of France, with its perfect climate. Luckily, our villa had a large rectangular pool in the garden which provided hours and hours of fun for the whole family. We bought a couple of inflatable animals to keep things amusing. Villas with pool facilities are common in France so there should be one available if you’re looking to rent in a specific area.

Location is obviously important for most people – we had a hire car so driving down to the beach and nearby Nice was easy and fairly stress-free, getting a villa certainly doesn’t mean you have to be isolated in the French countryside. There was also a pretty village within walking distance providing classic French staples – for example the classic boulangerie and patisserie. The locals were really friendly and found it very amusing when my incomprehensible French accent was put to use. France is still a top holiday location and if you want a great holiday this summer, renting a villa is a good choice if you want to maintain your freedom and privacy as well as enjoy the French weather.

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