Stay off the High Street for the Best Deals

Now that the cost of living has become a little less forgiving on our purse strings, we’re left with many people feeling as though a holiday in one of the many luxury hotels is the last thing they’ll be paying out for.

This really shouldn’t be the case, though. There are ways to take that ideal holiday whether this is as a couple, with friends or as a family, and not break the bank or have to remortgage the house.

Life can be hard with all your day-to-day responsibilities, so going to a high street travel agent can seem much more appealing. If you take the time to browse the deals, you will most certainly find a holiday within your price range. You will surprise yourself when you see that you don’t necessarily have to stay in a cheap backstreet B&B to get out of the country. It might take time, but it’ll definitely be worth it in the end!

What’s even better is that despite flight prices increasing, you won’t have to sacrifice the quality of your accommodation just to be able to get to your destination. To really make a saving, have a go at making some changes to your requirements.

If you normally go all inclusive, look at half board. If you’re going to a foreign country, attempt to learn some of the local language. It will make buying lunch easier and you’ll find yourself having a lot more fun than you would expect. Even getting the kids involved will be entertaining. You’ll find the locals having a lot more time for you and even if you don’t get the lingo right, they’ll appreciate the effort.

We’re not, of course, going to leave you guessing on places to look for your holiday. Below are a few examples of holiday destinations, which you’ll be surprised to see are accessible to those without a disposable income.

New York. Everything about this place screams ‘expensive’. The Big Apple has plenty of luxury hotels to put you up; however, simply walking down the bustling streets in the city and gazing at the electric lights of Time Square is free! You’re open to roam this popular destination as you wish; after all, there is no charge for sightseeing from afar.

Many of the tourist attractions are quite costly. The Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and boat rides will all dip into your wallet, unforgettable though they are. So, take a look at holiday guides before you leave and plan ahead to get the best deals and avoid disappointment.

Ever considered getting away to Paris? Again there is so much to see from simply walking down the streets of what is arguably the most romantic city in the world. Possibly not the best for a family holiday but many weekend breaks here have been found to be a bargain.

Strolling around the Eiffel Tower, looking at the Notre Dame from afar and peering at the Bastille all cost nothing. It’s up to you to decide whether to pay for the closer experience.

Spain has always been a popular family destination. Torremolinos and Benalmadena in the Costa del Sol are both sun-drenched most of the year, and even when it rains the temperature is still mild. Taking walks along the promenades are free, the buses are cheap and cost the same price regardless of your length of journey.

There are the typical tourist attractions and all the hotels have great sea views, close to everything. Although by taking your time to research the area, you will find bargains if you’re willing to give up the beach on your hotel doorstep. The Spanish are exotic people who always encourage the tourists to try anything. So, why not give it a go?

A common misconception is that Europe is always going to be cheaper for us Brits. But if you set aside some time for yourself to have a good look online at what you can get, you will see that even some places in America are affordable and won’t leave you paying it off for years to come.

Destinations such as Dubai can offer you a holiday of a lifetime that won’t leave you paying for a lifetime. So, even though it seems to be a simpler option to just stroll into your local travel agent and take what they show you, it pays to spend time browsing what other locations can offer.

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