Queenstown Travel Tips

New Zealand is a dream location and definitely one of the places where most people in the world would like to go very much. New Zealand is considered an amazing place because of the sharp contrasts that especially its landscape offers. In the southern half the temperature is colder and more alpine, whereas the northern half is almost tropical with volcanoes.

The key to backpacking New Zealand is to take the time to see everything. It really doesn’t matter if you’re not going to have time to see all the things on your list, what matters more is that you take the time to appreciate all the beauty in the things you will be seeing.

New Zealand has a lot to offer for any backpacker, but one of the best places to go is Queenstown. The reason is simple – the landscape is the most iconic of New Zealand. The town is nestled on the shores of Lake Wakatipu, high up in a mountain valley which is considered New Zealand’s premier four season lake and alpine resort.

The four seasons…

All four seasons are busy tourist times for Queenstown. The best time to go skiing is in the spring, which is from September to November in the southern hemisphere. The temperatures range from 48F to 75F and the weather is very sunny and beautiful most of the time. These days are perfect for skiing. Sometimes the season can last well into October as well.

More Queenstown travel tips include the possibility of going in the summer months, from October to February, or even March. The summer opportunities are endless, with mountain biking, golf, hiking and boating and waterskiing on the lake. The rugged terrain all around Queenstown is one you will never forget

There is of course skiing throughout the winter and if the snow comes early then in late fall as well. Fall is the time for barbecues, hiking to see the foliage and other relaxing activities.

Where to eat

Queenstown has over 150 restaurants, bars and cafes. Furthermore, the local vineyards keep these establishments well stocked with the best quality wines. You can even go to many of these wineries as they are mostly fitted out as small private restaurants serving the best local food and drinks conveniently in one place. A great travel tip for tourists is to take home one of these special bottles of wine for a special occasion later, such as a wedding or a baby shower.

Finally, Queenstown also offers luxury spa resorts with natural springs, saunas and other useful natural formations in this volcanic area. Queenstown is also one of the shopping capitals of New Zealand so you should have no trouble finding any souvenir or memento.

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