Packing Tips for your Backpack

Backpacking is a popular way of travelling for hundreds of thousands of people around the world each year. It is the best way to carry your belongings when travelling to a number of places where you only intend to stay for a short period of time. Although the concept of backpacking may seem reasonably simple, there are some goods tips which you can follow to make the process a lot easier for yourself. Below are some of these tips:

Don’t budget on the bag itself
Your backpack is going to be with you for your entire journey, so be sure that you purchase a bag that is of good quality. The bag needs to be strong enough to withstand different weather conditions, being thrown around by luggage handlers, being slept on and generally going anywhere that you go. It may seem alluring to save money in the short term by buying a cheap bag, but the chances are that if you do you will end up paying the price in the long run.

The order in which you pack your belongings
When packing your backpack do not just throw your belongings into it in a random unorganised manner. The way in which you pack your bag will determine the amount of things you can fit into your bag, how easy the bag is to carry, the longevity of the items in the bag and the life span of the bag itself. The best way to pack is to put the lighter, softer items at the bottom of the pack and the heavier items towards the top. This will reduce strain on your back and also maximise comfort.

What to take
Think through what you actually need to take and leave out items which you are unlikely to need. This will reduce weight. There are certain items which everybody should include. This list will change depending on the nature of the trip, but there are certain generic items which everybody should include. Below is a basic list of these generic items:

Torch, copies of important documentation, plastic bags for dirty/wet clothes, sleeping sheet, medical kit, Swiss army knife, pen, pad, mirror, water and cans of dehydrated food.

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