Malta Travel Tips

Malta is one of those places that seems to have it all: sunshine, beaches, culture, history and top accommodation. So with all this on offer what should you do to make the most of this beautiful country?

Hit the beaches
The beaches in Malta are all about small and perfectly formed. With a rugged coastline you won’t find massive expanses of uniform sand boasting rows on sun loungers and people in deckchairs. Instead, you’ll be met with pretty coves and idyllic bays where the rugged coastline adds to the islands raw and natural appeal. All this is great news if you don’t want to find yourself packed in with hundreds of other sun worshipers and with so many hidden inlets to uncover you just might enjoy a slice of Malta all to yourself.

Soak up the culture
Valletta is Malta’s proud capital and no visit to the island would be complete without a wander through the old streets or along the pretty harbour. Arriving into the town by boat is a magical experience as you get the full effect of the shoreline as you near land. With its position as a UNESCO World Heritage Site firmly established and a total of 320 monuments within an area of 55 hectares there is literally culture and history awaiting your every turn. There’s loads of interesting Malta info out there – all you need to do is get out there and find it…

Scour the shops
It’s always good to come away from your holiday with a little something to remember your destination by and in Malta you shouldn’t have any difficulty finding somewhere to locate that special something. For small and unique looking shops you should check out the streets of Valletta where you’ll find a number of quaint boutiques. Of course, there are always the large shopping centres if you just want to be surrounded by choice – The Embassy Complex in Valletta is one such option. Of course, not only does a few hours spent browsing the shops give you a keepsake or two but it also gives you some much needed shade – since the weather in Malta can get pretty hot come summer.

So after feeling the tickle of the sand between your toes, the capitals history seep into your soul and with a bag a little heavier than it was when you arrived, Malta will be well and truly under your skin.

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