Key West Florida Sunset

When visiting the Key West area in Florida the one thing you have to do is to watch the sunset in a glorious location. It is an event which draws in thousands of visitors from all around the world as the sun goes down into the Gulf of Mexico and has in turn led to events and concerts being organized in the area.

At Mallory Square Dock there is a nightly celebration of the sunset in Key West. It is a celebration which includes performers in the street, arts and crafts, food stalls and music performed by a number of buskers who travel from all over the country and indeed the world. It is a celebration that you can experience without the need to buy any tickets and you only have to spend whatever you want to spend.

However, if you are in the area you have a number of things you can do during the day with a strong emphasis on the water due to the location. Numerous companies offer boating expeditions with cruises, fishing, and snorkeling being popular activities. Prices for this can vary depending on the time of year and the exact location.

The same can be said about food in the area with a variety of cuisines available depending on your tastes. You are able to sample Italian, seafood, food with a Caribbean twist to it as well as finer dining but you do not have to go to top class restaurants to get a good meal.

The main reason to be there is of course to watch the sun go down and in the Key West area you have a variety of potential accommodation in various price ranges. You have choices from campsites near the water to bed and breakfast up to resorts next to the beach. By looking into the area before travelling you can find a place to stay that can come within almost any budget.

But the best part about visiting Key West, Florida for the sunset is that the main reason why you are there is absolutely free and you can experience it time and time again during your stay.

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