Introducing easyJet

Most Europeans have heard of easyJet at some point. It is one of the top low cost airlines in Europe and it was founded in 1995. According to easyJet’s website, the company has changed the way people travel….and this is very true. Traveling with this airline, and many other low cost carriers, is cheap, fast and efficient. It has made traveling as easy as getting on a bus…and almost as cheap.

The message to all Americans, Asians, Australians, Africans or anyone planning to travel within Europe, is that you should check out flights with this airline. Why? The answer is simple….easyJet offers cheap flights for routes all over Europe. It is also important to understand how this airline can offer such great deals so that you know what to expect.

Unlike standard airlines, low cost airlines can offer cheap flights by cutting back on other services. For example, easyJet does not provide complimentary meals, snacks or beverages during the flight. It offers a “buy on board program” so that travelers can purchase something to eat if they wish. Passengers also have to pay for checking in hold luggage on easyJet flights and most low cost airlines do not offer refunds or transfers to later flights. To increase the number of flights per day, low cost airlines have very fast turnaround times. If you want a hassle free, cheap and cheerful service, you should book flights with a low cost airline.

But why choose easyJet above the rest? One of the main reasons is that easyJet flies to major or primary airports, which are normally very near the city center. Other low cost carriers fly to secondary airports in the outskirts. If you are planning a trip to Europe, easyJet is a great excuse to fly off and discover other cities such as Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Stockholm and many others. Compare airfares online to get the best rates and you could be doing a tour of Europe.

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