Cruises to the Mediterranean with Princess Cruises

Taking a cruise is an excellent way to really relax. From the moment you step on board your cruise ship, your holiday has begun and you can chill out, unpack and settle in to your floating hotel. The Mediterranean is an excellent area to cruise round because it affords so much opportunity and choice. There are over 200 islands in the Mediterranean, from the Greek and Ionian Islands to Crete and the Cycladaes. There is Italy’s Sicily, Capri and San Pietro. And the Spanish islands of Corsica and Majorca, as well as larger islands such as Cyprus, Malta and Tunisia. Between them, all these islands offer a huge wealth of cultural diversity, beautiful coastlines, and wonderful mild warm climate.

Many cruise lines operates to the Mediterranean but one worth discussing is Princess cruises who operate a number of liners within the Med including the Grand Princess
When you take a cruise through the Mediterranean, you will get to experience just a few of these wonderful destinations, travelling through the night and arriving each day at a new location where you can enjoy many excursions and expeditions to explore much of what these islands have to offer.

Majorca is a favourite stopping place for cruise ships, and it’s not surprising really when you consider how much there is to see here. From Palma the islands capital with it’s excellent shopping and fine gothic cathedral to the caves of Drach on the east coast, and the serene Serra de Tramuntana mountains where almonds, lemons and oranges grow in groves that are sweet smelling and beautiful.

Malta with its megalithic temples of Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and Tarxien, dating from over five thousand years ago, has a great sense of history to offer visitors. The catacombs of St Paul and St Agatha at Rabat where the Romans buried their dead, and the early Christians secretly met for Mass offer a chance to delve right into the heart of this island, and the landscapes of Malta are breathtaking too.

Crete is an island of huge variety set in a land with a backdrop of three mountain ranges. For anyone who enjoys their history, there are no less than five Minoan palaces at Knossos, as well as the cave of Eileitha which is mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, which was in use from the Neolithic period all the way through till at least late roman occupation.

Capri with its steep sides offers many sights such as the blue grotto – a sea cave where the sunlight shines through the water and an underwater cavity to make the walls of the cavern seem blue. The villa of Roman Emperor Tiberius although in ruins is the site for another villa – the San Michele, and in its gardens relics and works of art dating back to ancient Egypt can be found.

There are many other islands to visit, all special in their own way, from Cyprus with its salt lakes and wetlands where you can thousands of flamingos at the right time of year, to Corsica with a national park that takes up around 40% of the island, and Sicily with Mount Etna dominating its landscape.

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