Airline Reviews

The internet, low cost airlines, cheap flights and airline reviews have completely changed the way we organize our holidays. Yes…most of us have mastered the art of booking our package holidays, city breaks, last minute deals and just about everything else using the internet. And of course, everyone has heard of low cost airlines. But have you heard of airline reviews?

Airline reviews are a relatively new concept which are also changing the way we organize our holidays. Today, the internet is all about having your say, giving your opinion and getting the best service possible. Many online travel agencies and search and comparison websites offer customers the chance to read product reviews before booking flights, hotels or other travel related products. Why? The answer is quite simply that it makes everything more transparent and it helps you as the user feel more confident about what you are booking.

Let me give you a quick example. After trying a particular service booked using an online travel agency, you can then rate it so that other customers can find out about your experiences. Rate the airport, airline, check in, boarding, the aircraft, luggage handling, stopovers, ground transportation etc. and this feedback will help other customers, like you, decide which airline, hotel or destination best suits them.

Perhaps you are traveling to another continent, for example Europe, and you are unfamiliar with the difference between low cost airlines and standard airlines….maybe you don’t know which airline is which in this foreign land. That is why airline reviews can help you. Reading airline reviews will inform you of the main differences and what service you should expect to receive. It is the best way to avoid holiday disasters.

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