3 Days to Spend in London

So, you have three days in London. What is the most productive way to see and enjoy what the capital has to offer?

Where to stay
Staying in London accommodation gives you the greatest range of options, with regards to locations. It might be a valid alternative to a hotel outside of the city, although more expensive, if you want to have a sense of ‘living’ in the city and will provide a welcome contrast to the electric pace of life that you will encounter here.

For a short stay, some of the best locations for staying in London are Hyde Park executive apartments, Kensington hotels, Westminster guesthouses or Bloomsbury lodges.

Get a London travel card for the areas (zones) that you will need to go through. London transport is subsidised and you can use a travel card for both underground trains (the ‘Tube’) and buses. Avoid travelling during rush hours if at all possible.

Day 1
Whichever City Apartments London you stayed at, you could begin your stay in London at the Palace of Westminster, the building that houses ‘Big Ben’ and the Houses of Parliament, where the British government presides over the world’s oldest functioning democracy.
Hop on the tube to Charring Cross and you will emerge to see Lord Nelson’s column at Trafalgar Square. While you are here, visit the National Gallery.

Like all public galleries and museums in London, it has free admission.

Buckingham Palace is only a pleasant walk away. At certain times of day, you will be able to watch the Changing of the Guard, when the soldiers watching over Buckingham Palace are relieved of duty to great pomp and ceremony.
Finish your day unwinding at Covent Garden, where there are plenty of restaurants and bars, along with street entertainers.

Day 2
You may wish to take advantage of some of London’s fine museums. Travel to Museum Row to visit the London Science Museum, which is full of interactive activities for children, as well as adults. There is also the Natural History Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum. A tube ride away, the National Museum has a world-class collection of articles from antiquity, much of it ‘borrowed’ from places such as Egypt during the time of the British Empire.
From Museum Row, you can travel to Harrods, the world’s most famous department store. You could end the day by watching a concert at the Royal Albert Hall nearby.

Day 3
Today, you might consider a guided bus tour to the east of Westminster, towards London Bridge and the ‘Square Mile’. You will see a mixture of old and new, in the area where most of the city’s big business is carried out.
‘Blue Badge’ guides are accredited to give tours in the capital and they have a wealth of knowledge. Your guide will tell you the grizzly true stories of Sweeny Todd and Jack the Ripper.

You can end your trip in style with a ride on the London Eye, the tallest Ferris wheel in the western hemisphere. From this grandstand, you can see the vastness of London. See how many places you can recognise from the previous three days.

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